Find out the most frequently asked questions and answers about the foreign labor recruitment process.

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Navon Jobs has the most modern and efficient foreign staff recruitment solutions in Europe. The necessary documents for the recruitment and placement of foreign labor are:

  • The fiscal attestation certificate issued by the public finance administration in whose territorial radius the employer has its domicile, regarding the payment of obligations to the state budget for the last quarter.
  • Certificate issued by the employment agency in whose territorial radius the employer is domiciled, regarding the available labor force for the job vacancy communicated by the employer, according to the legal provisions, no more than 60 days before the submission of the application.
  • The organization chart of the employer with the presentation of occupied and vacant positions.
  • Proof of publication of the vacancy announcement in a widely circulated daily newspaper.
  • Criminal record of the Employer
  • The Notary Certificate issued by the National Office of the Trade Register
  • Company registration certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Criminal record 
  • The candidate’s CV 
  • 2 photographs type 3/4
  • A personal statement stating that the candidate is medically fit to be employed in the collective

• you have a stable workforce;
• their employment costs are lower than those of other countries exporting human resources;
• they are pacifists;
• respects their duties;
• do not consume alcohol;
• know English;
• they are loyal to their employers;
• they are punctual and willing to work;

  • The workers’ minimum wage cannot be lower than the minimum wage in the economy of the country where they will be placed, or, as the case may be, than the wage set by enforceable collective agreements in your industry of work.
  • The maximum working time and minimum rest hours defined by the legislation of the country in which they are placed must be respected.
  • Working conditions for pregnant women and young people must be strictly observed, in accordance with the regulations of the legislation of the country where they are placed.
  • As an employee, you are responsible for the health and safety of foreign workers at work.
  • Pay attention to gender equality and other rules regarding the prevention of discrimination in the workplace.

The recruitment offers are personalized, so the offers are different and the costs are negotiable.

  • The employer has the final say in the selection of candidates, based on a live or recorded interview with potential employees.
  • We need assistance with contracts and powers of attorney for submitting work permits, obtaining visas and residence permits.
  • Collaboration regarding employee accommodation and meals, as well as the process of adapting to the respective culture.

At Navon Jobs, potential employees go through an extensive selection process.

However, if a candidate does not meet your requirements, we ensure their replacement, throughout the duration of the contract.

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Navon Jobs - recruitment agency

We offer the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions. We are fully streamlined with a customized recruitment system developed and updated, all to ensure that our client’s requirements are met with utmost rigor in the shortest possible time.

The listing and selection process is one of the critical milestones of our business. We do candidate quality assurance to ensure that all candidates are the right fit based on the required skills.

Because we are committed to being part of your success story, our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that customer concerns are taken seriously and addressed fairly.

We use top credit checking agencies to complete criminal background checks on all our candidates.

We are a workforce recruitment agency and aim to be the next global leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to business power. Our services serve large and small organizations across all industry sectors. Our staff recruitment team is at your disposal in European countries.

We are recruiting foreign personnel from Bulgaria, Poland and Romania in the following fields of activity: Agriculture, Construction, Healthcare, Logistic and Technical sectors.

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